Suzy S.

Great to deal with! I highly recommend this law firm.

Jill G.

Very kind, courteous and hardworking . keeping the clients well informed during the whole process… Extremely satisfied with the outcome of my daughters case. Highly recommend this law group.


A special thanks to you for your help with my case. The results were great and I appreciate your candor and honesty. I am very pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I gladly recommend your service to any friends or family that may need your services.

Thank you again for your help.


Thank you again for your help with my case. It was truly appreciated.

T & E

Thank you so much for helping us put the deed to our house in our name.


Thank you for all the hard and good work you guys put in to make this happen for me and my family! May the good Lord be with you and yours. Thank you!! Love and the best to you guys.


I am so appreciative of the work the firm put in to bring me a fully favorable decision. Also so relieved with how quickly the decision and payment came in.

Thanks for everything.

Larry S.

Best lawyers in the business. They took care of my Bankruptcy as painlessly as possible and as affordable as possible. Great people and they seem like they truly care.

Jamie F.

The office was always very clean, the people are friendly, and professional. My attorney worked hard, always called me back in a timely manner, and answered all my questions. The receptionist always greeted me with a smile, and by my name every time I came into the office.

Liza R.

I came to your law firm with the goal of accomplishing a quick, fair divorce. For a short period of time, my wife fought back with ridiculous and unrealistic expectations, he was able to see that what she thought she would get was not going to happen, and she eventually settled on a fair agreement. Despite her resistance, we were able to finalize the divorce within five months. For this I am eternally grateful.

Tommy Z.

Aaron, Thank you so much for handling my divorce. When I first walked into your office I was sure that this process would be the most gut-wrenching and difficult thing I have ever done. I was surprised and relieved at the simplicity and speed that you and your team processed the paperwork and got me to court.

After all was said and done, I was stunned at the simplicity and speed of it all. There were some tense moments here at home, but all in all, this process from start to finish was almost easy.

Once again, thanks very much.

Alice P.

Thank you for all your time, help, and conversations. You made something that is very difficult to deal with more manageable. I also believe with your help you have given me a second chance with life, my finances, and most importantly, critical time with my daughters. If I can ever help you out, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Joe Q.

All is going well so far with both me and the boys. They are accepting this rather well under the circumstances. I am still involved in their lives with all of their activities. Their father seems to look rather tired and haggard lately. I think that her new life has really dealt him a bad hand of cards so to speak. Financially, I’m feeling the sting of a scaled down lifestyle, but as long as I can keep my home I’ll be grateful.

I hope that all has been well with you. I really enjoyed working with you I think about you with a smile on my face and in my heart. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I’ll never forget you.

Mark T.

I wanted to write a short letter to thank your firm for the professional handling of my case. I went into the abyss of divorce unable to process thoughts as I normally would. With the guidance of Chris Aiello I was able to navigate the worst storm of my life. His knowledge of the law was excellent. This knowledge enabled me to retain more of my assets than I thought I would be able to, particularly in regards to items my ex-wife considered “gifts”. Chris was quick to point out that these extravagant “gifts” were indeed marital assets and would definitely be counted in the divorce. This alone kept my 401(k) and IRA’s whole, saving me tax and penalties. Chris brought to my attention the equity I possessed in my house prior to the marriage which was instrumental in allowing me to retain my lake property. My ex- wife can be very stubborn and difficult to say the least. Chris showed great patience and resolve dealing with her over a three year period on changing unacceptable wording for the separation of her pension.

Overall, everybody I encountered at your firm performed an excellent job. You should be very proud of your team. I am very happy with your firm’s performance and thought the hourly billing was very accurate and fair.

Pete C.

I appreciate the time and effort your team took to prepare my case. I went into my divorce honest and close to bankrupt. By the time it was over, I was still honest and very successful. From start to finish you and your team were very professional. Although it took several months to complete, you all worked diligently with me through my darkest hour. I now have joint physical and legal custody of my daughter. My ex went out of the marriage with what she came in with. We are both equally responsible for our daughter’s well being. There still may be a hill to climb, but I’m confident that I will come out on the other end. It’s good to know that Chris Aiello has my back in any “case”.

Linda G.

Overall, everybody I encountered at your firm performed an excellent job. You should be very proud of your team. I am very happy with your firm’s performance and thought the hourly billing was very accurate and fair.

Mart T.

Thanks Chris. You are in my opinion, one of the best, honest, and straight forward attorneys I know. I have passed your name on to a number of other friends and associates for obvious reasons.