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Criminal Defense

Even being arrested or charged with a criminal act can tarnish your future, and a conviction can make living your life to the fullest far more difficult. As such, taking speedy action in the face of a criminal charge is paramount. Because bringing your strongest defense is critical to the outcome of your case and your future, working closely with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney is advised.

The Arrest

The police cannot arrest you unless they have a warrant or probable cause for doing so, and probable cause means they have a reasonable belief that you were either in the process of committing a crime or that you had committed a crime. This is a significant element of every arrest, but it’s important to know that probable cause can be exceptionally thin.

The Right to Remain Silent

If you have been charged with a crime or stopped by the police, it’s time to invoke your right to remain silent. Too many people believe they’re engaged in a friendly conversation with the police only to find out that they’re being arrested and that everything they shared in that conversation will later be used against them. The best policy, if you’re being questioned by the police, is letting them know from the start that you will not be answering questions until you have an attorney present – then remaining silent until you do have an attorney present.

Working with a Dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney

It can’t be overstated that if you’re facing a criminal charge, you need savvy legal counsel on your side. Your attorney will ably take on all the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Arranging for you to turn yourself in to the police – if it’s necessary for you to do so
  • Thoroughly analyzing your case and helping you make the right decisions for you throughout
  • Gathering all the available evidence, including physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and the prosecution’s evidence
  • Building your strongest defense based on your defense options
  • Engaging with the prosecution to explore reducing the charge, making the charge go away, or striking an advantageous plea deal
  • Skillfully representing you in court – if your case goes all the way to trial
  • Negotiating a preferred case outcome

Your criminal defense attorney will provide focused guidance throughout the criminal process, which improves your chances of effecting a favorable outcome considerably.

Even a Minor Charge Can Be Serious

Even a relatively minor charge can have profound consequences in your future, including negative consequences that can affect all the following:

  • Your ability to find a job or advance your career
  • Your ability to retain professional licensure
  • Your parental rights
  • Your ability to rent a house or obtain a home loan
  • Your ability to advance your education with the help of a federal student loan
  • Your overall social standing

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