Navigating the legal system can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. That’s why we want to be the ones you depend on to fiercely defend your interests. We are experienced in criminal law, divorce, personal injury and other complex legal cases that require an aggressive advocate who is willing to go the extra mile.

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At Aiello & Associates PLLC, our approach is simple: we don’t back down in the face of adversity. We tenaciously represent our clients and use all resources at our disposal to ensure that their voices are heard. We believe in pursuing every available legal option in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our clients put their trust in our hands and we take that responsibility seriously, always working tirelessly to help them pursue their goals.

We have the experience needed to tackle even the toughest legal challenges. We understand that every case is different and we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether we’re fighting for the rights of a defendant accused of or guiding a client through the complex process of divorce, we bring the same level of determination, skill, and commitment to each and every case.

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Criminal Case Results


Result: Brought Down To Reckless Driving & Later Expunged

Our client was charged with an OWI. This was the Defendant’s first OWI offense. Because the Defendant did not hurt anyone, it was his first criminal charge and he reached out to an attorney right away for help, Chris Aiello was able to get the charge down to reckless driving. At a later date, Steve was able to get this expunged off his record.


Result: Case Dismissed Due To Plaintiff’s Credibility

Our client faced stalking accusations in a child protection order. The Plaintiff’s sworn affidavit contained disturbing claims that our client followed her, pounded on her door and screamed at her without a clear reason. Chris Aiello successfully demonstrated that the Plaintiff failed to mention that she attempted to deny our client’s rightful court-ordered contact with their child. With her credibility now questioned, the charges were ultimately dismissed.


Prevent Home Foreclosure

Safeguard Your Residence

Avoid Vehicle Repossession

Protect Your Car

Stop Wage Garnishment

Preserve Your Income

Halt a Levy on Bank Account

Secure Your Finances

Stop Creditor Harassment

Put an End to Creditor Phone Calls

Stop Utility Shut-off

Maintain Essential Services

Client Divorce Success Results

Wife Requests Unfair Portion of Business Assets in a Divorce

Aiello & Associates PLLC represented the husband in a property division dispute. The couple shared joint ownership of a business, and the wife sought a disproportionate share of the assets. By investigating the couple’s financial history, we secured a much more reasonable settlement than the initial offer.

Mother Seeks to Restrict Parental Rights From Violent Father

Aiello & Associates PLLC represented a mother who wanted to receive full custody of their children after the father became violent toward her when they separated. Through trial, the court allowed only supervised parenting time to the father and awarded the mother with child support.

Complicated Divorce Drawn Out by Poor Representation Until Aiello & Associates PLLC Steps In

Aiello & Associates PLLC took on a contentious divorce case that had continued for three years. The couple had changed lawyers multiple times before the husband chose Chris Aiello to represent his best interests. We resolved the matter within months, helping our client avoid trial.

Injury Case Results


Work Injury

$1 Million

Car Accident


Boating Accident

$2.5 Million

Truck Accident

Michigan Divorce Process

File Complaint

The spouse whose attorney files the divorce papers – which are called a complaint – in the county of residence becomes the plaintiff in the case, and the other spouse becomes the defendant.

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